Competition Preview: The Exertrain English Weightlifting Championships

What: The Exertrain English Weightlifting Championships

When: 30-31 January 2016

Where: Wythenshawe Forum Centre, Manchester

Who: Sarah, -58kg A

The first competition we’ll be covering on MiniBIGLifts is the English Weightlifting Championships. Our MiniBIG is lifting in the 58kg A group on Sunday around three in the afternoon, and Lauren and I will be there to watch! According to the start list, there are actually more women lifters competing this year than there are men– that’s amazing.

English Weightlifting Championships
Roooooaaaaad Triiiiiiip!

Even more amazing is just how strong Sarah’s category is. The good people at Under The Bar put together this video showing all the -58kg women currently set to make their marks this season: 


MiniBIG will be lifting against some seriously hard-working athletes. This will be a great first test for her in what’s sure to be a year full of triumphs. As you can see in Dave’s video here, she’s looking pretty good:

We’re also looking forward to getting inspired by the women in the other categories, like British Record holders Rebekah Tiler (-69kg) and Hannah Powell, a 2012 Olympian (-48kg and a Rubery, Birmingham homegirl). Hannah now lifts for Wales, but she’ll be attending as a guest in order to make her European Championships qualification total.

As the week progresses, you’ll be hearing more from Sarah about her final preparations for the big event. Stay tuned.



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