Meet Rose Judson, Mistress of the Masters’ Division

Hello. I’m Rose, one of those immigrants the red-top tabloids love to warn you about.

Coming over here, taking our dictionaries
I’ve been a resident of the UK for over ten years but still struggle with the language (I’m an American), so please bear with the occasional reference to ‘aluminum’ or ‘fanny packs’. I am a writer and the mother of a feisty little human.

Behold, it is The Child, and she is cooler than you
In my professional life as a freelance Internet person I wear many hats:

  • Social media marketing and SEO strategist
  • Marketing copywriter
  • Proofreader
  • Copy editor (UK or US books and publications)
  • Google Adwords fuck-abouter

Here at MBL I’ll wear many more, which is fortunate, as I look good in hats.

But not this good. LADIES.
I am:

  • Managing editor (in charge of MiniBIG’s comma usage)
  • Linkstorm and Whitticisms compilationist
  • Neologisms arbiter (today’s new word is ‘compilationist’!)

What I’m most looking forward to is moderating comments. I await with bated breath the day we become popular enough to attract trolls I can banhammer with abandon, preferably after subjecting them to public mockery.


Okay, definitely after subjecting them to public mockery.

My Athlete Story (So Far)

Like many of the people reading this (I’d wager), I came to Olympic lifting through CrossFit. I joined Second City CrossFit in late 2011. They became my second family.

As a Lady of Stature, I soon preferred the heavy lifting side of the cult to the kipping pull-up side. When SCCF formed a barbell club in 2014, I happily made Olympic lifting my primary focus.

Recently, I discovered an unlikely competitive advantage: I’m old.



My first BWL competition happened to take place on my 35th birthday*, which is the magical age when you go from being a senior to a pumpkin master. The current British Masters’ record for women in my age and weight class is within easy reach, and I’ll be aiming to break it this year.

Actually, I’ll be aiming to crush it by at least 10 kg, as I’m pretty sure some other woman on these islands is tilting at the same windmill.

In addition, earlier this month I qualified for the IWF World Masters’ Championships (!), so I have my work cut out for me right through October.

I thought I was done being a competitive athlete when my swimming career ended back at university. Turns out I’m not done after all! I’m really excited to push this thing as far as it will go.

Why I’m Here

I’m here because I don’t see many spaces on the Internet where women can carry out sustained discussions about athletin’ while female.

This is likely because until recently there weren’t many of us– the first international weightlifting tournament for women, for instance, happened when I was two years old. 30+ years later, the most recognizable face of British weightlifting is a woman:

Zoeeeeee! #queen #squee #wcw #zomg
We’re here. We’re a force to be reckoned with. Let’s stop letting ourselves get pigeonholed as a special interest group within strength sports**. Let’s talk.

Vital Statistics for Rose:

  • Height and weight class: 5’10”, W35 -75kg
  • Trains at: Second City CrossFit, Birmingham, UK
  • Will always eat: Nachos with hot salsa
  • Animal alter ego: The tardigrade
  • Sings on key?: Only if impersonating Julie Andrews
  • Other hobbies: Calligraphy, drawing, gardening, arguments***
  • Meanest name Dave has ever called me: ‘Republican’
  • Favourite Training Set: 5 x 5 paused back squats (yes, really)


*I also met Dave and Sarah that day. And I won £100 on a scratch card!

**Or in life generally.

***And compiling footnotes.


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