Training Diary Tuesday: MiniBIG’s Taper

[Editor’s note: Welcome to Training Diary Tuesday, where we share a few thoughts on what’s going right or wrong in our workouts. MiniBIG kicks the series off with a little bit about her last-minute training and rituals before a competition.]

This week sees the last week of my four-week taper in preparation for the English Championships. Usually Dave gives me my program in weekly blocks. Generally there are two reasons for this:

  1. I can easily get over-excited about what’s to come, and I don’t focus so much in sessions that I ‘need’ to do.
  2. I largely work off percentages,  and sometimes it turns out that I have to hit a x3 rep max PB… for 3 sets

It becomes a mind game, and what I have learnt is if it’s in my program, I am capable and it will be happening. (What I’ve really learned is that Dave is a genius and I should just listen to him no matter what.)

GENIUS, I said.

However as this week is a little different, I’ll let you all know what it is I’m looking forward to and why!

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 20.40.24

Why am I tapering?

A taper is a little step back off the accelerator pedal to allow me to recover. At this point (sat on my sofa on a Sunday night, pretty much in my underwear), I’m contemplating what to do with myself as I’m so knackered.

So this week’s training is actually one I’m massively looking forward to. The weight and percentage remains high, but the volume is dropped.

What I’m looking forward to the most

I’m most looking forward to the x5 paused back squat ‘PB’ that I’ll be hitting in my second session out of the three I have this week. Mostly because anything paused– paused squats, paused pulls, paused front squats and whatever else– is my favourite.

Not only because it’s paused, but also because back squats means I get to #unnecessarybarslam.

Wham Bam #UnnecessaryBarSlam

This movement in the beginning started as a little bit of a piss take. I never used to have a good back squat (for a long time it was actually the same as my front squat– eeeeekkkkkk), so I had to make it fruity in other ways. Thus the #unnecessarybarslam was born.


Now that I have at least a half-assed back squat, the #unnecessarybarslam has stayed. Love me or hate me for it, I’m in control of the bar. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it. And I do it because I like that ‘pop’ feeling at the top. (Oh, and I’m like a child: if you tell me not to do it, I’ll likely do it anyway.)

Fingers crossed, my weight drop goes to plan and I may actually weigh -58 kg as opposed to pretending to with water loading and dehydration. I will spend the rest of the days off this week, doing things like:  

  • Foam rolling (as I do every night)
  • Doing my physio exercises for my misbehaving scapula
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Taking five days to choose what film I’ll be watching in the bath on Saturday night.

Seriously, the film is make or break. It’s likely to be an X-Men film.

Okay, fine. It will be X-Men: Days of Future Past. I decided that a month ago.



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