Operation microBIG: The Decision

I’ve been competing as a -58 kg lifter for over a year now. Just before Christmas I was told I would be giving the -53 kg category a shot. This idea first struck fear into my heart, even though Dave had mentioned it to me about three weeks prior.  I think he cracked the news to me in this way in order to let the idea process in my own head.

Once it was up there, it began to seem like a better and better idea. This was in spite of worrying thoughts such as:


  • Is it possible?
  • Won’t I lose strength?
  • I’m going to be so hungry.
  • It’s going to be seriously hard.
  • How much does my bone and muscle weigh already?’
  • Will HANGRYness overtake my life?
  • How long will this take?
  • Do I actually want to do this?

And many, many more.

The Importance of Trust

If Dave thinks it’s possible, then that’s a huge weight off my mind. No one else’s opinions about whether it’s healthy or if I’m capable come into the equation. And since discussing it with friends and fellow lifters, I’ve had remarks and comments such as, “Yes, brilliant!” “Always thought that category was in your sights from the beginning,” and so on.

davensarahOn the other hand, I’ve had more technical replies concerning the amount of volume training I should undertake whilst dropping weight. People say that I should think about not gaining any more muscle mass; that I may be required to lose a little muscle in order to reach my intended goal.

But I’m sure Dave has taken this all into account when thinking about programming for me and setting a diet outline over the next few months.

Why We’re Doing This

Here’s the logic behind this decision:

The current British records in the – 53 kg category are:

  • 72 kg snatch
  • 93 kg clean and jerk
  • 160 kg total

My training numbers as they stood the weekend this decision was made were:

  • 73 kg snatch
  • 96 kg clean and jerk
  • 169 kg total

And then, in competition:

  • 70 kg snatch
  • 90 kg clean and jerk
  • 160 kg total  

If in the time frame we have proposed for this weight drop my strength and technique continue on the linear path there is no doubt in my mind I should be getting near to the record numbers in this year’s British Championships.

But there are even bigger plans. For me to reach the qualifying total for the Europeans this year I need 166, and for the World University championship 161.

I think I’ll get over the ‘hangryness’ and diet and train with purpose.  Let Operation MicroBIG begin.




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