Woman Crush Wednesday: Ronda Rousey’s Rules

It has everything but nothing to do with weightlifting: THE ROWDY GUIDELINES

rousey bookI’ve had a little time away from lifting and been to Australia. Getting my head out of it has given me some time to think about personal development (and therefore about weightlifting in a way). Physical strength starts with the mind.  Ronda Rousey’s autobiography, which I read on my trip, demonstrates this pretty well.

If you haven’t heard about Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey, it’s okay. I forgive you. I will tell you what you need to know: the woman is a bantamweight champion and one of the most successful UFC athletes in history, not to mention an Olympic medalist in judo.

She embodies the kind of human spirit we all desire and are capable of getting (even if we don’t believe it). Maybe your challenge is not being successful in fighting or strength sports. Maybe it’s winning at a cheesecake eating competition that you want to dominate and destroy.


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Whatever your challenge or sport is, there are some fundamentals to getting what you want and becoming the champion. Here are the main points that I’ve named the ROWDY GUIDELINES.



Feel the force! Focus is simply about being in the moment. You are really there. Your mind is really there. When you are focusing on nothing else that is when you are most connected to your intentions. Like Ronda you may prefer a quiet room. Whatever it is, find what helps you focus on the task at hand. Meditation is a good start.


In weightlifting terms, this is about knowing when to relax and also when to engage violent hip extension. In the build up if muscles feel tense, you could be over working them for the real event. This can lead to burning out or even worse injury. In life, this is about being as efficient as possible. You need the breaks to power you in the long run to reach your goal. 



When you come into the moment of performance, time isn’t a thing anymore. It’s actually a myth, it doesn’t exist. We like time because we can create plans and concepts but really what is truly important to reaching your goals is the moment itself. What are you doing about it now, when you’re so focused everything slows down.


That’s right. True champions always do more. That little extra. Stop focusing on what other people are doing. Your focus should be on doing as much as you can.



Don’t concern yourself with other people’s opinions. If you have a goal, go and achieve it. Worrying about other people’s perceptions of what you’re doing saps the energy you need to accomplish what you want.



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