Meet Lauren Evans, Our Resident Adventurer


Hello, I’m Lauren, Lojo, L-Jo– it changes depending on what my coach wants to call me on the day. I’m currently studying nursing and, like many, I lift the pressures of life off me. Originally from a Quaker village. Bit of a question mark as to where exactly I originate from, but let’s not go into that. My family model is pretty complex, as are many in Eastenders.


My Athlete Story

I first had this idea to lift when I suddenly thought running was boring and so was not eating (took me years to figure that out). I took up rowing in 2010 and decided that I would run in the summer, as I was paranoid about massive legs (worst athletic transition ever).

Yes, this was tiny me running in 2009

I decided to head to a CrossFit gym as it seemed the best way to learn how to lift in an environment I felt comfortable in. I began to eat more and develop muscle. Then the big BOOM happened. Working with GorillaPT meant I was able to get completely jacked, eat very well, and now I’m at the point where no jeans in all of the lands fit me.

Take your pick. . @doyoueven 👈🏼💯

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I am totally 100 percent happy with that. You can keep your jeans. The benefits lifting has brought to me now far outweigh my appearance. I feel more confident. It’s empowering, it helps to lift my mood and to see that every bit of work I put in is worth it because I see results in my strength. There is no self-doubting. It works.

At I’m looking forward to helping develop a platform for women of all shapes and sizes that are interested in or partake in strength training. It’s light humoured here and there are no barriers. It’s a bunch of real women with good intentions to lift others. 




Look at me now.


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