All the Snatch Puns We Could Fit

My mother can’t talk too much about weightlifting with me. She has a hard time bringing herself to say the word “snatch”.  Because, you know. It’s a slang term for a lady’s genitalia. Her love glove. Her ham wallet. Her chamber of secrets.

There’s a boy and a tunnel and blood over the door… nope, no innuendo here, Rowling. You PERV.

Everyone who’s ever spent ten minutes inside a CrossFit box* will have heard some of the jokes. If you’re an Olympic weightlifter, you’ll have heard all of the jokes.

“So how good is your snatch?”

“I want to see you hit that snatch hard!”

You know.

Even Iron Man has heard them all.

Right after we reached 100 likes on Facebook we began soliciting the best/worst jokes along this theme that you’ve heard. And you did not disappoint. Engage:

On Instagram:

IMG_2620 (1)
@katwhelan88 wins.


On our Facebook page, Yasmin had two to contribute:

They’re married now. #truestory


Cervix bruises are a real problem.

Finally, Team MBL got into it in our private coven message feed:

Chips or daddy?
Sit in it? Like the little man in the pink canoe?

We know there are more. So many, many more. Share them with us now.

*Heh heh, “box”.


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