Instafame, a Big Butt Game

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media network. You can see why: it’s the easiest way for the average person to visually blog and get an audience reaction. I have a lot of fun on Instagram playing around with which hashtags get me the most likes and follows. I know this isn’t just me.

It’s like a game: weeks after posting one video, I’ll pretty much post the same video but will add #girlsthatsquat or #crossfit. Then I sit back to see the difference in the amount and types of ‘likes’. (When I say ‘types’, I’m talking about the genuine user likes vs. the hashtag bots.)

My findings

I get the most attention with hashtags like:

  • #shesquats
  • #crossfit
  • #instafit
  • #fitness
  • #girlsthatsquat  

Basically any sexually-related fitness shite regarding girls’ butts gets you more likes. But I guess this isn’t surprising. That’s just how the Internet works.



Instagram’s ease of use and huge worldwide audience has led to the phenomenon of Instafame. This is one of the most annoying things that has ever happened to online sport. People are rewarded with attention for being attractive and sexually appealing while genuine athletes who deserve a following are completely disregarded.

You all must have seen this. In particular Instafame seems to strike ’generic’ fitness models who hashtag the names of 10,000 sponsors who send them free kit, supplements, etc.:

‘Thanks ‘#RxXtremeSportsJunk’ for my new socks, going to get some x5 rep pbs with these!! #blessed #relentless #fitfam’

Some of the free kit comes from unknown companies, and some from well-known ones which I really feel ought to be supporting actually accomplished athletes. I lose so much respect for companies now that do this– supporting vanity rather than performance. Performance like this:

Snatch w/o moving feet up to 90kg. Working in different ways to build efficiency one day at a time.w/ @norikvardanian

A post shared by Jenny Arthur (@jenny.arthur) on

I realise some brands are about the character portrayed in those posts, but I tend to find people posting pictures of their butts without honest success behind them to be ‘basic fitness bitches’. For instance, athletes that have come 3rd in a CrossFit something-or-other with no qualifiers that post pics in short-shorts vs. a few of the best female lifters in the UK and Ireland. I know who I would rather follow and who inspires me. The hardworking athletes. That’s who. 




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