It’s Friday! Get Moving!

It’s our first Friday together. And what a weekend it’s going to be. We’ll all be at the English Championships on Sunday, so follow us on Twitter @minibiglifts for live updates from Sarah’s group.

If you’re planning a big Saturday session, let us know either in the comments here or via our hashtag, #sharethegrind. We’ve enjoyed the submissions so far this week– Rose will be putting together a round-up later.

Meanwhile, get the coffee, grab your kit, and turn up some noise. MiniBIG chose this one specially:

Have a tune you rely on when you need firing up? Share it with us!


One comment

  1. Hello MiniBigLifts family!
    I’ve been checking your site everyday since the launch, and you ladies are awesome! Full disclosure, I am a bit biased as my sister is your primary editor (Hi Rose!). I think it is awesome that you three have come together to build a community around a shared passion, one which relatively few appreciate. Besides being bad ass, most people (men and women) never appreciate how awesome and confidence instilling it is to be both mentally strong, and physically strong. Power sports build both traits simultaneously, whether you are trying to kill it at the English Champs (smash it MiniBigs!), or just tired of feeling unable to carry out everyday tasks like you did when you were younger. You will inspire more people than you can ever know with your work here. Keep it up!

    Soapbox aside: Music that gets me fired up for (sprinting and lifting) are the classic “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor, and the surprisingly primal “Stampede” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. “Brazil” by Jetfire & Happy Enemies will make you feel like a superhero (give it 60 seconds).

    Good luck doesn’t seem like an appropriate wish for you and the family you’re building. I wish you injury free workouts, and plenty of trolls for Rose/Sharon to smash with her literary hammer, or simply dropping a 65kg snatch on their ass :o)

    To quote someone who inspires me: Forward.

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