This Week in #ShareTheGrind

We are loving your #sharethegrind submissions on Instagram! Here are the best of the week so far:

First, Adele sent us this moody sunrise shot while heading to get her squat on at Second City CrossFit:

Next, Fern in Kuwait sent this excellent video of a heavy snatch workout:

Next, Mickey from Sheffield shared this ace photo of her doing max deadlifts for reps at her first strongwoman competition:

Mena, another strongwoman, offered up this video of a 160kg yoke walk (Mena is a -63kg competitive strongwoman, so that is nearly three times her bodyweight. THREE TIMES.):

I ain't gonna lie, this 160kg yoke walk was incredibly hard given it was only 20kgs off 3x my body weight. Dropped my yoke a number of times and picking it up took it out of me. Lessons learned for next time I get a yoke walk this heavy. . The support I got during this event was amazing! Kept me going and made me not wanna give up! This is why I love the sport of strongman. . #StartingStrongman #ladieswholift #yoke #strongmantraining #girlswithmuscle #girlswhostrongman #amateurathlete #u63kg #ukfitness #ukfitfam #sharethegrind #mscperformance #liftheavyoftenasineveryday #fitnessmotivation #goodgirl #unleashyourpotential #strengthandconditioning #strongmancompetition . @startingstrongman @steelcitystrongman @mscperformance

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Fern brought it again with this fun collage of her CrossFit training. She’s aiming to compete at Team Regionals this year. Lucky team!

Yasmin, who has just started competing as an Olympic lifter, tagged us on this video of a session she found difficult. Not every gym visit goes to plan, but it’s always worth showing up. Always:

Our own Lauren had some fun boxing at Rigs Fitness:

And finally, MiniBIG herself shared a video from the last session of her taper before the English Championships:

Go check out Minibigs most recent post on how she is feeling during the final days of her prep for the @britishwl English Championships. Thanks for sharing the grind @Regrann from @_minibig_ – I tried to get a pb in the last session of my taper, but it wasn't to be' 67.5 x4 it is then. Matches my current pb. Will have to grind away to hit the 70×5 I want. (70.. Well i like whole numbers) now to rest up for the English on Sunday #olympiclifting #noexcuses #fitfam #instafit #motivation #fitness #rehband #trainhard #eatclean #dedication #strong #motivation #strongnotskinny #britishweightlifting #determination #athlete #birmingham #gains #rehbandfullpotential #crossfit #physique #thisgirlcan #nikeromaleo #girlsthatsquat #phteven #gorillapt #minibig #girlsthatlift #minibiglifts #sharethegrind

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Now you. Whether you’re new to strength training or an old hand, whether you’re getting ready to compete or blowing off steam, it doesn’t matter. #sharethegrind with us. That’s why we’re here.

Leave your submissions in the comments or find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Have a great weekend’s training!




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