Saturday Linkstorm: 30 January 2016

Most of us have a big training session planned today– unless you’re MiniBIG, who will be taking baths, foam rolling, and watching films ahead of tomorrow’s big show.

So we’ll keep it light today with some links to things we’ve been reading, watching, and otherwise enjoying this week. Many of the articles listed below will become part of a list/database thing we’ll be compiling which contains links to our favourite online resources for strength athletes who want to raise their game.

Without further ado:

Garters: The Rehbands of the 1890s.

Old-time strongwomen who bent iron bars, broke horseshoes, and performed racy stripteases on a flying trapeze (

Fu Barbell- Home of Diane Fu, an Olympic lifting coach based in San Francisco. Her Instagram is full of great ideas for oly drills (very useful if you don’t have your own strength coach, like we do).

“Strong Isn’t the New Skinny” by Kate Meagher – “Raising [fitspo models] up as beacons of fitness sidelines the real-life athletes who rise and grind in pursuit of performance.”  – Queen’s University Journal (Canada)

“STRONG! Interview with Cheryl Haworth” by Krista Scott-Dixon – “There was a dark and silly time when old men in suits decreed that girlpeople could not lift heavy things at the Olympics, because lo, their uteruses would explode and all males present would spontaneously be emasculated.” –

“Thanks (but no thanks)” – a classic 2012 post by Team GB’s own Zoe Smith that addresses the “unfeminine” critique often thrown at women who are enthusiastic about strength sports. “I confronted one guy that said ‘we’re probably all lesbians and look like blokes’, purely to explain the fact that his opinion is invalid cause he’s a moron.”


Meanwhile, on the Twitterz

We followed and retweeted a couple of cool people this week. Feast your eyes:

Ellie Steel, powerlifter:

The good people at California Strength:

Finally, for the master’s athletes among us (hi!), this woman just crushed her deadlift PB by 15 lbs.:

Have a great Saturday. Lauren and I will be reporting from the English Weightlifting Championships tomorrow– while MiniBIG lifts.



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