#MondayMotivation Power Song: Song 2 by Blur


Good morning, and welcome to the work week. Or #werk week, if you like.



It’s been exactly a week since we launched. We had more visitors during that week than we expected to have in a month. We published some great stories. And our site’s namesake, MiniBIG, stormed to a win at the English Weightlifting Championships.


Best of all, we had stories and #sharethegrind submissions flood in from women in different countries and strength disciplines who were busy getting stronger.

This week is going to be even better. We have a wonderfully moving guest post submission for tomorrow– and several more lined up in the weeks to come. We’re going to start publishing our strength training resources and recap yesterday’s competition. Lauren is going to tell us all about her visit to Ditch The Label this past Saturday, and also list the weirdest exercise and fitness trends she’s seen recently. Our Woman Crush Wednesday post will look at an open-water swimmer who once swam the Bering Strait with a probe up her butt. FOR SCIENCE. Plus even more.

What We’re Training For Now

For our team the next significant dates are the British Masters’ Weightlifting Championships in March (Rose) and the next Central England Weightlifting Open on 2 April (Rose and Lauren).

Sarah will enter the next phase of Operation MicroBIG, preparing to drop down to the -53s before the British Championships in June.

What’s coming up for you? Tell us! #sharethegrind on Instagram and Twitter or here in the comments.

If you don’t want to miss a story (we update at least once daily) you can also subscribe to our RSS feed or get new posts via e-mail.





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