Be Your Own Superhero

What inspires you? What inspires me?

If someone asked me if I thought I was an inspiration, the answer would have to be no. I’m a pretty average person, I’m afraid. I mean, I come from a wonderful family, have good friends, am in a loving relationship, doing my PhD– life’s pretty good. I’ve not lost a limb, had to lose a tonne of weight, or suffered from an eating disorder. I’ve never won any prizes for being who I am.  

Like I said, I’m pretty average. Or I believe that I am. 


It’s amazing to watch people who have suffered great sadness and trouble in their lives better themselves and become great. I have a list as long as my arm of such people that I follow on social media. I like to Google them every now and then and watch endless videos of their achievements with inspirational music playing.

But I wonder: can someone be a super hero without an origin story?

I would really like try be a hero without an origin. Without becoming– just being. Someone you are happy to share videos of with your sons and daughters. Having the fight for fight’s sake. I think being alive is enough to justify wanting to inspire others. I don’t think you need an extraordinary reason to.

be like sarah.png

I know lifting something above my head isn’t inspiring to some, but I’d like to think my grind, my hunger, my organisation, and yes, my sexy singlet could be a platform on which I can motivate others to pursue something exceptional in their lives. What I mean is if I can do it, let’s not have an excuse not to. 

I’ve pursued the English Championships and I won. I did it because I wanted to: for the journey and because I love the grind. I have made my own origin, I fought my own fight and won.

I’m not ready to pick a super hero name yet; I’m sure one will emerge. For now, we’re already team miniBIG. Let’s all go lift heavy shit and be better people together.

But if I had to pick a super hero slogan it would be ‘No ifs, no buts or coconuts’.



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