Training Diary Tuesday: Inside and Out

It’s my turn to share about my training diary this week. At the moment, I’m in a post-competition rest period– well, “rest period”. I’m taking part in a CrossFit competition this weekend and have begun initial workouts for a two-mile open water swim I’m doing in the summer.

Dave will send over my new weightlifting programming next week as we turn our attention towards the British Master’s Championships in March. In the meantime, I’m following the workouts he sets for Second City Barbell Club and getting plenty of runs in during the fair weather.

Also I am making a face like Beaker from the Muppets:



IMG_2708 (1)
Meep meep, bitches.

So I don’t actually have a training set to talk about this week per se. However, I can talk about the cover of my diary. I can’t be the only one who decorates hers.

This is a Moleskine Volant large notebook pimped out with Sharpie pens in various colours. Steps:

  1. Do a rough sketch
  2. Improvise a lightbox by taping the rough sketch to your computer monitor; trace onto new paper to get a clean design
  3. Cover the back of the clean design in chalk and trace it onto your notebook
  4. Line in and colour the chalk outline with the markers

Fine art it ain’t, but nobody mistakes mine for theirs in a crowded gym, and I like the symbolism involved– this is taken from the Strength tarot card. Who out there also likes to decorate their training diaries, inside or outside? Let us know in the comments!



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