#HumpDay Power Song: Radiohead, “Bodysnatchers”

How’s your week going so far? Ours is pretty, pretty good.

Later this morning we’re hosting our first guest writer, who will tell us how strength training became an important piece of her personal support network as she’s learned to master the mental health issues, including an eating disorder, that began in her early teens.

She’s not an elite athlete. She’s not training to win medals. But we think you’ll all agree that she’s damn strong. Come back around 10:00 to read Heather’s story.

Want to write for us? We already have a number of guest writers lined up in the coming weeks. We’ll always want more. Have a look at our Manifesto and see if anything there causes a strong reaction in you. Contact us via the comments here or drop us a DM on Twitter– @minibiglifts.

If you don’t feel like writing, you can always contribute to our community on the daily by tagging your fitness photos, videos, and messages with our hashtag: #sharethegrind.



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