MiniBIG’s Top Five Favourite Lift Set-Ups

How do you approach the bar for a lift? People always tell me I like to throw my toys out of the pram (and then pick them up). So it’s only fair that I should dive into the wonderful world of bar set-ups!

Odd as it may seem, those last 10 seconds before a lift can make or break you. Many lifters do outlandish and somewhat ridiculous rituals to get the work done.

These rituals are rarely for attention. Without them, lifts feel like putting your slippers on the wrong feet or eating with your knife and fork the wrong way round or wiping your butt with the other hand. They just have to happen!

I’ve decided to compile a few of my favourites, so please feel free to add any you have seen and like to the comments below.

The Slide

Approaching the bar with dominance and a touch of ‘no fucks given’ are key to this usually sassy move. A move for only the spicy-hearted.


The Self Screamer 

Hated by many, this pink elephant of the room turns on the tunnel vision with loud, flamboyant claims they are the strongest person on the planet. They seem to try to fuel their muscles on the power of life around them, like a home-grown Goku spirit bomb to lift EVERYTHING!





The Mangina 

‘You may as well tape it back there, honey.’ A move not usually done by the females of the species, but if you have trained with the bros, it’s likely you have seen the ‘tuck’!

This is maybe less about getting a psychological advantage and more about, ‘If this is done properly, I can finish my full extension and walk about still being able to sire children.’

For all those who don’t watch RuPaul’s drag race

The Twerk

Sorry, Miley, Norik is yet another person who can twerk better than you. The butt pump that leads to successful lifts.


The Silent Unicorn 

As personally I’m a ‘self-screamer’ I find these people odd, and terrifying. The silent unicorns could come into the gym and hoist 20kg PBs, and no one would be the wiser. Although terrifying to me, these rare beasts are to be respected and aspired to. All control is in their hands, the holders of the power within.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.16.23.png


Team MiniBIG Bellies Up to the Bar Like:

Well, everyone knows how ridiculous my bar set up is. Yes, I’m the pink elephant/ Wannabe Super Saiyan who screams and shouts the house down. ‘EASY WEIGHT!’

Judging by a recent session with Lauren, she just likes to puke on the platform. Mmm, watery oats. We’ve not had a session since, as I’m still scared that I got off lightly with only a mouthful of oats landing on the platform beside me.

Rose is definitely a silent unicorn in the making– more than once she has lifted a PB and gone off to write it on her gym’s board without any kind of fanfare.

At the moment however she is more of an orbiter: loads the bar, marches purposefully around the entire gym as if she is going to visit the toilets/refill her bottle, then comes back to the platform and lets rip.

What about you? I know there’s a tonne of variations I’ve missed. Share them here.



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