This Week in #sharethegrind

Another week, another round-up of reader submissions to our hashtag #sharethegrind. First up, Mena was wrecking her strongwoman workouts over at MSC Performance:

Strongwoman looks like a whole lot of fun.

Next we have Jodey, the Scottish Weightlifting Champion at -58kg, back to her grind after attending to some tough professional exams:

Jodey trains at CrossFit East Kilbride and also at MSC when she’s in town.

Our Lauren got in a bit of sparring after a session at Rigs Fitness (thanks to our coach Dave for the footage):

Reader Dr. Jo, who trains at the University of Birmingham, contributed this entry about her double-up day: Barbells in the morning, roller skating later!

MiniBIG is back after a few hard-earned days off. Project microBIG, in which she will drop from the -58kg class to the -53kg class, has just begun:

The lovely Yasmin keeps the pressure going at Second City Barbell Club. She is looking to compete again in April.

And finally, Fern in Kuwait is killing it. Next time we see her, she’ll be over in Dubai getting ready for the CrossFit Team Open:

Thanks for sharing Fern!!!! Looking awesome @Regrann from @serendipitysota – Feeling awesome. Was not wanting to get this wod done to tonight but so glad I did. Thanks to @tommy.tatt for the support and videoing. 70kg/155kg hang power cleans x 8 feeling #lightweight all sets UB some TnG , got better as sets went on. This is the first one , so just feeling it out , so a little slower. 10 SDHP, 95 2 minute row @ aim for 500 meters rest 2 minutes x3 rest 5 4 burpee box jump overs, 20" 8 Hang power cleans 155 21 cal on AD – AFAP rest 2 minutes Time 30.02 ish. #crossfit #metcon #cleans #lift #lifter #quadgamestrong #lifter #myhappyplace #barbell #sharethegrind #ladieswholift #openprep #barbellcycling #rogue #theburrowlife #wereallmadhere #totalbalancetraining #smashedit #crossfitgirls #Regrann

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Thank you again for your submissions! Keep them coming– just tag your Instagram or Twitter posts as #sharethegrind and we’ll find you.





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