Saturday Links – 5 February 2016

Happy Saturday! We hope your weekend is off to a good start. Lauren and MiniBIG will be training today while I’m at the Wild West Fitness Winter Slam in Gloucester.

Here are a few of the things we’ve been reading and watching this week:

A Profile of Karyn Marshall– the first woman to clean and jerk over 300 lbs./136 kg. Marshall was an early pioneer of women’s Olympic weightlifting at a time when women couldn’t, you know, compete in the actual Olympics. She set multiple world and American records and is still active today as a Master’s lifter and CrossFit athlete. (OLift Magazine)

STRONGWOMEN – a short, informative video on the strongwoman community in the UK (how fun does strongwoman training look, by the way?):

One of the women in the video, Tara, is a trainer with a very active blog at Sweat Like a Pig. The post “Dropping Weight Without Losing Strength” might come in handy for a couple of us around here!

“What the Barbell Took” by Lisbeth Darsh. You should be reading Lisbeth’s blog, for real.

Finally, our strongwoman friend Mena pointed us at this video:

“You were born to rip shit up.”

It’s Saturday. Go get it, and don’t forget to #sharethegrind.




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