Our Most Popular Posts – 1-7 February

Our second week has come and gone quickly. We kind of can’t believe it’s been seven whole days since we were at the English Weightlifting Championships watching Sarah win.

Team MiniBIGLifts and The Gorilla PT

Our most popular posts this past week were:

From Blades to Barbells, by Heather – Our first guest post was an affecting and effectively-written essay by a woman who has made weight training part of her strategy for managing depression and overcoming an eating disorder. Don’t miss it.

I’m Not Just a Girl – In this post, MiniBIG takes a critical look at the This Girl Can campaign and some of its problematic language. While there’s a lot to be said for encouraging women to move and participate in sport, there’s also some cringe-worthy slogans that came along with this particular marketing push.

Ditch the Label: Change is Now – Lauren went down to Brighton to volunteer for a body image campaign run by anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label, and shared her thoughts on the charity’s methods and goals.

Be Your Own Superhero – Finally, after her win, MiniBIG argues that you don’t need to experience extraordinary suffering or loss to bounce back and achieve greatness. Those might be the stories we’re drawn to– who doesn’t love drama? But even a so-called “ordinary” person can rise in life. You just have to start.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday! We are back tomorrow with more fun stuff. If you’re resting today, relish it. If you’re training, don’t forget to #sharethegrind!



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