Training Diary Tuesday: Whenever and Wherever You Can

Yes, that’s right, I’ve been getting it done. Now that my second semester is underway and I’m facing seven assignment launches, it’s very much been the case of just getting the strength training done.

I’ve been training all over the place recently with Gorilla PT. I’ve also been training in very simplistic environments due to time constraints:

Basic, but it’s all you need.

I was hesitant at first, as the idea of training in a white box seems rather boring. However, it allows me to focus and reflect more on performance and therefore improve it. There’s no gym gossip, no nice men that walk past here!

It’s just about performance for me, and getting to the end goal: to compete for the first time, moving weight from the floor to above my head in a straight line.

What are some of the places you’ve found yourself training recently? How do you fit in your workouts when your schedule is packed?


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