#WCW: Somehow Sarah has a girlfriend

Well, a pretty obvious #WCW from me. This Woman Crush Wednesday, it’s my wonderful girlfriend in the spotlight. I think the people that manage to put up with me other than in a training session (okay, I’m hard to put up with in a training session too, ‘EASY WEIGHT!’) deserve a little highlight.

Living with a weightlifter

Life with a weightlifter isn’t easy. The sport takes up long hours and planning. Managing the lifter herself also requires great skills like: 

  • Taming hangry people
  • Working enough hours to pay for huge water bills (baths are crucial!)
  • And finding ways to hide your chocolate addiction.

Especially when that weightlifter is me.


She puts up with a lot of the side effects of dating and living with a weight category dependant athlete. 

  • long hours training
  • dropping weight and freaking out about weight
  • not many free weekends due to training and competing
  • finding cupboard space for all the protein related products
  • early nights
  • overly specific restaurant choices
  • having to explain mobility equipment to visitors (because some, well
    Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 21.59.57.png
    We all know what you think when you look at these.

    everyone has a dirty mind when walking into a lesbian household)


She deals with every one of these slight irritations and behaviours with grace and support. Always showing interest toward how my training is going, coming and supporting at my competitions, and paying for the Domino’s after. Without such people like this, who truly believe in me and support me, I doubt I’d be in the position I’m in now (yet alone still in a relationship with me!)



She has however asked me to share a few hints and tips to those who may be in the same situation as she is: babysitting a weigh– sorry, I mean being in a relationship with a weightlifter.

Top hints and tips 

First, learn how to hide your food. Some of the best of the food hiding places my lady has used in the past are:

  • Bread bag Ben and Jerry’s – place your Ben and Jerry’s into an empty bread bag, stash in the freezer
  • Bedsheet biscuits – use the airing cupboard as a pantry
  • Top shelf hide and seek – All weightlifters are short, thus the top shelf should be taken full advantage of
  • The old laundry trick –  Ban your girlfriend/boyfriend from doing laundry, and hide your wrappers in the dirty laundry until an opportunity arises to take out the bins.


Additional top points:

  • Let them plan the evening meals and write the shopping list – brown rice isn’t that bad…
  • Bath time is not a time to come put your feet in with them, you will be greeted with a worse version of hangriness
  • Waking them up at 1 am is not a good idea and usually results in unwanted sleep walking
  • Always check for pharmaceutical supplies such as ibuprofen, it gets consumed faster than its likely manufactured
  • Never eat the peas in the freezer – they are for bruises, not for meals

Whether or not you have a partner, you probably have non-athletes in your life who put up with the weirder ways you show dedication. What are some of the things they endure from you?



  1. I am lucky to have a wonderful non-athlete(which Dave might help me to convert) in my life, who:
    – always puts coins in my backpack before training, so I can enjoy a protein cookie at the end😊; (so, he has more time to cook when I come back before starting to chew on his arm)
    – hides waffles behind yeast and flour on top shelves;
    -finally realised I have no problem with eating a whole chicken alone and stopped buying silly breasts.
    – Keeps in secret from my mom, how much I lift and what exactly I do.
    – Buys tripple amount bath salts and soaks.
    -Encourages mobility work and assists with stretching: Me :”..No,n…,not this position- my hamstrings!….. ” is ignored and followed by evil whispering : ” -You re fine….You re STRONG….😈 ….and next time stretch before u leave gym”


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