Real Women’s Motivations for Participating in Sport

Last week I was scanning the @minibiglifts Twitter feed when I came across this from Sport England Club Matters:


Here is webcam footage of my reaction:

angrycomputermonkey (1).gif

Nurturing friends and family? NURTURING FRIENDS AND FAMILY?! As our friend Clare said:

But after taking time to let my wandering womb settle down and stop making me so pissy ,* I realised that maybe I was overreacting. Maybe that really WAS my motivation for going to the gym, to nurture others. Not to get stronger or break records or anything like that.

Zoe is obviously doing this to care for a man, child, and/or manchild.

So I asked the rest of the coven what they thought:




All in a twinkling we had our list, which fell under two headings:

a) Sarcastic

b) Sincere


Women’s motivations for participating in exercise include:

  • Their boyfriends told them to
  • For better pelvic control (relates to the point above)
  • Because the shelf needs decorating and they like big shiny metal cups
  • To slake their bloodlust
  • Keeping PMT under control
  • Desire to fuck with shop assistants at the Levi’s store
Nope, these don’t fit either. Tee hee!
  • Need a socially acceptable excuse to scream in public
  • Penis envy
  • Roughing up hands = more excuses for mani/pedis
  • Enjoy wearing lycra
  • Enjoy being in proximity to sexy people in lycra
  • Because they fucking can
  • Because it isn’t 1952 anymore


  • They have a talent for a sport and want to explore it
  • They don’t have a talent for a sport and want to learn it anyway
  • To express feelings or release stress
  • To compete and win
  • To do something just for them
  • To make and strengthen friendships
  • To earn a GBR singlet
  • To sleep better
  • To live better
  • To have some fun
  • To grow and change
  • To learn about ourselves
  • To be better in this moment than in the last one

In short, women participate in sport for as many different reasons as there are women. And many of those reasons are the same ones other people would claim. What are yours, serious or otherwise? Tell us in the comments.


*The word “hysteria” literally means “womb-crazed”.




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