Care and Feeding of Your MiniBIG

So cardio twice a week has commenced, but like all the fitness pages will tell you, weight is made in the kitchen. I hate most generic weight loss-related shit on the Internet. However, that old saying is at least half true.

But I don’t think this means you have to stress yourself out about cutting all carbohydrates, or only eating brown rice. I have some set ‘macros’ that I have found that work, and I try stick to them as closely as I can throughout the week.

I do this by:

  • Eating as much home made food as possible
  • Eating high volume food (real food rather than shakes, bars etc)
  • Eating mostly around training
  • Tracking my weight daily
  • Meal planning
  • Tracking my food
  • Being organised
Look Mom! I now eat my vegetables.

Be firm but relaxed

I keep things quite loose and, dare I say, it reasonably in line with ‘if it fits your macros’. I’ve just found that this works best for me. This way I can plan an entire week of eating whilst still maintaining a good relationship with my girlfriend and keeping my evening meals interesting.


I keep track of what I eat before it’s cooked or brought, usually adding my week into MyFitnessPal on Sundays while the football is on (I will do literally anything that avoids watching football or Eastenders, just saying. #hatergonnahate).

Add me on myfitnesspal for ridiculous amounts of notifications

Further along the tracking train, I do log my weight every day too. For some this isn’t helpful as I think a fair few people change what they eat as they see this weight increase and decrease. I find it helpful. It lets me know if I’m dehydrated at all, helps with the tracking of my monthly cycle, and I find it motivating. It also keeps me accountable for sticking with the plan!

Meal prep (*gags* at how on trend I am)

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 19.01.33.png

Once all this is planned out, I meal prep in for three-day slots. I find I don’t like eating veg once its that old. Meat, etc., is all good as long as it doesn’t smell, but gooey veg is not a favourite of mine.

I then usually cook my dinner (occasionally its nice to get chilli or pre made curry out of the freezer). I love to cook; it’s some down time from the PhD and gym-related mayhem that can build over the week. It also gives me a lovely opportunity for some one-to-one time with the wife.

Roughly three days worth of ‘meal prep’ second breakfast (yes I have two) pre/post training and lunch

So this is what I do on the day-to-day; hopefully some of it is of use to you for planning your own food. I believe that a ‘diet’ is never the right action. I eat to perform and live to eat. It’s a fine balance that doesn’t happen over night. But a little bit of planning goes a long way, from mindset to actually making shit happen.

What tips or tricks do you have for managing your food as an athlete?



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