Unfuckwithable: A State of Being (Awesome)

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So I came across this word. In fact I stole it from http://patdivillyfitness.com . He’s tapped into his clients’ process of change, and it’s exactly like nursing (which I’m currently training for). You have to do a holistic assessment of the patient in order to deliver high quality care. In the case of a personal trainer, you might want to see if the person has the right attitude to fitness and exercise for long term achievements in health and fitness.

In Pat Divilly’s camp he says to his clients, “I’m going to show you how to be unfuckwithable.” This had me thinking: what makes a person unfuckwithable? Here’s what I’ve come up with: 

Going into a competition like you’ve already won


I’m not referring to an asshole. I’m referring to someone that has gone above and beyond everything to get there. It may have been a life-changing process—the bigger the life change the better. You’ve experienced everything in that moment and just the process has been enough for your senses. Winning is the bonus. No fights for the crown on Miss Universe!

Seeking Feedback

It drives you crazy when someone doesn’t give you clarification on your actions, whether it be in an assessment, physical performance. You want to learn and grow your garden one step at a time into Eden.

Living Through (and Learning From) Failurelaurenuwt3

Basically you’ve fucked up. You know what it’s like to fail, and you know it’s inevitable you’ll fail again at some point. But you keep going anyway.

There’s a lot to be said for resilience. It often gets overlooked in performance, because it’s something that isn’t easy to measure. It’s just from experience, which brings me onto my next point. 


 You can handle it

To know you can handle any situation that comes your way, you have to have felt scared. Fear is a perfectly natural part of our bodies’ survival system. You can learn this from failure and if you haven’t failed yet FIND SOMETHING TO FAIL AT! Re-group and learn from it. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. You can handle it. And once you’ve done it, you can handle even more.

dicth the labeell

Focus on yourself

This is a hard one. We are so used to comparing our own performance against others. It’s the ego talking to you. You’re naturally interested in other people’s progression, but to go into the realms of being unfuckwithable you focus on your own stuff. Let someone else worry about your competition—your boss, coach, accountants etc. Focus on your own stuff and you will find that people will want to see more!


Oprah Winfrey did just that. I love Oprah 🙂

Know your weaknesses

Know what you’re weak at. Accept what you’re weak at. Some people can’t handle the truth, but if you’re really to develop a sense of being unfuckwithable, you need to face your weaknesses, no matter how much it hurts, and then try to work with them. If you know you suck at something try to create an environment to disable it or simply take action against.

People can confuse facing weaknesses with “being weak” which in fact isn’t a weakness at all. You just didn’t have the right information available at the time to help you make a better decision. Move on.

The heightened state of ‘give a fuck

Yes, something I learnt from teachings of meditation. Finding that space between reason and experience. It’s called ‘being’, but it’s much cooler to call it the ‘don’t give a fuck space’. All emotions flow over you; you may resist or welcome, but once you’re there it’s pretty amazing. You feel great. You can handle tasks a lot better.

This space is usually found under extreme physical challenges or in yin yoga when you’re loosening your muscles and stretching your tendons and ligaments (don’t ask, it hurts). Basically, the more you can empty your mind, the fewer fucks you give, and the more unfuckwithable you become.

lauren being cool.JPG
(Finding that space through meditational methods and wine whilst I’m locked out the house

So I want to know: what do you think unfuckwithable means? And to the haters of this blog, I don’t even care. Just the simple act of writing this post has been a great experience. I’m unfuckwithable.










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  1. Awesome stuff. That word or phrase or whatever, has really grabbed a hold of my attention. Happens to fall in line with how I’m living my life today.

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