Training Diary: Ninjas and Arm Bars

I’ve worked a lot on my strength in the past few months, to the point where my focus wasn’t on technical detail as much. Don’t get me wrong– I’ve progressed massively with technique but my strength over rides it somewhat.

I have been focusing on speed during my sessions and accuracy to the point where it feels like it isn’t strength i’m using at all. Its the mind of the ninja. It would be cool to lift so fast people missed it.

I’m Lu Xiaojun! Or so I believe.

See the resemblance?

A couple of niggles have also made me realise I don’t want to be mong strong either. I want to protect my body because I’m not interested in wasting goddamn days of my life doing stuff wrong, getting injured, crying, becoming bitter and hating everything. That’s the shit life.

Nope. I decided that I needed to move my body in a way that protects it. I looked at some Ido Portal videos and thought wow! I want to be Ido Portal!


But honestly the idea of moving round the gym like an ape having intercourse with the floor doesn’t really appeal to me. I’d look like a twat. Instead I decided to do some jujitsu.

From barbells to arm bars

Nothing crazy, just a couple sessions a week, getting me moving. What I’ve realised is it’s important to move your body in different ways and break it up with other sports. It does gives you that sense of unity in your body.

It’s just moving the way it should.

What other activities do you do to complement your weight training?



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