Competition Countdown: 10 Days to the British Master’s Championships


Ten days out from the British Master’s Championships and I’ve just confirmed the schedule– I’m lifting on Sunday 13 March at 9 a.m. Weigh-in is at 7, which means we will need to leave Birmingham shortly before 6, which means I’m already shopping for Dave’s I.V. coffee drip.

I don’t actually know if I will be able to afford the quantity of coffee he needs/ deserves for this. Maybe there will be a Kickstarter. Donate generously, and perhaps I’ll send you some of his weirder sayings done up in gold leaf as a medieval-style illumination.

Today’s training session had one serious problem –I missed all five of my jerks at the working weight, largely due to tightness in the lats and shoulders. Cleans were on point and I hit another front squat PB– 90kg for three reps.

However, looking back through my training diary, I can see that this particular set in this particular session (week three, workout three) has been shit for me every time. And in the end things turned out all right.


So I feel okay. I am pretty sure I can go in and grab the total and clean and jerk records, depending on the calibre of the other woman in my weight class. Which brings me to a question:

What is it with the 75kg category?

When researching the standards and records for British and World Master’s, one of the curious things I’ve noticed that there seem to be a great many women in the -69 and 75+ categories in my age group. In my category, however, there are often barely enough lifters to fill a podium, even at a championship meet.

Is this because 75kg lifters my age still consider themselves viable at the senior level? Is it because retired 75kg lifters just say “fuck it” and pack in the cake? Who knows. I do know that the master’s record for the -69 category is significantly higher than the one for the -75 category. Not that I’m in danger of dropping under 69 any time soon. At 5’10”, I’d look like a hat rack with eyes.

Making weight

I really only have one major task remaining– well, two. Okay, three:

  • Don’t get injured
  • Keep up the mobility work
  • Make weight

I’m currently about 3.5 kg over what I need to be, but again, not worried. Part of that is cycle-related and the rest is falling off as I’ve cut way back on carbs and salt. Next week I will do a bit of water loading to lose the rest.

(By the way, we’re putting together some of our tips on this issue– as well as a couple of other issues– as resource pages. Those will be coming your way soon.)

After this championship

Obviously the main event on my radar is Worlds, taking place during the first week of October in Germany. I think in the near term I’m looking at doing the May Central Open in Nottingham.

There’s one on April 2nd as well, but I will go insane if I go straight back into the competition taper programme again. Hopefully Dave has something up his sleeve.

I’ll also be heading back to regular CrossFit classes, as I’m a member of a team for the Wild West competition in July. That one is always a ton of fun– and that is mainly what I’m after with all this business in the end: Fun. I’ll check in again next Friday!



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