CHARITY TUESDAY: Feeling the force with Rock 2 Recovery

R2R collage

In the photo: Team Nurse and English Champion Sarah doing their thing: Crossfit warrior programming, Tug of war practice, loads of squats by English weightlifting and British bronze medalist (soon to be gold) champion Sarah.

It’s Charity Tuesday and I wanted to talk about exciting things that are unfolding with Rock2Recovery.

As you are aware, veteran health has been an important topic and issue highlighted in the media, politics and among the general public. It is something that needs addressing as so many veterans and active servicemen and women go under the radar in terms of getting treatment for mental health issues.

In worst cases, failing to address mental health issues leads to homelessness and suicide. In 2013 the BBC reported that there were more deaths among veterans and service personnel from suicide than from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The problem is the stigma of mental health and the notion that “one size fits all to treatment.

Rock2Recovery are a charity that help support servicemen/women veterans and their families to find ways to help overcome mental illness such as depression or PTSD that go beyond therapy and drugs. They focus on the individual to provide holistic care which is effective and innovative to mainstream care to prevent suicide and overcome their mental illness.

For instance, Rock2Recovery founder Jamie Sanderson, who spent 17 years as a sniper for the Royal Marines, found that playing the guitar helped him to overcome and manage his mental battle. In addition to music and art, the charity also supports many other creative outlets and provides direction towards appropriate services.

Help Support Rock2Recovery

They have a huge support network and have supporters raising funds for incredible challenges and more specifically muddy challenges.

It has caused quite a stir amongst the women strength community as we like mud and grinding workouts. We also have the amazing military TEAM NURSE that are doing various challenges throughout the year such as the disgusting prowler challenge to complete 5,895m.

TEAM NURSE are also set to do a Breakpoint challenge that sees them going through a ‘special forces experience’ and are raising awareness of the charity by competing at military tug of war events.

You don’t have to be part of TEAM NURSE to join in supporting this worthy cause. Do you fancy the challenge to raise funds? Who dares wins 😉

Please visit Team Fortitude for further details or follow them on Twitter: @teamfortitude16. You can also follow Rock2Recovery on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

We at team MiniBIGLifts may be taking part in a muddy challenge for them later this year. If you’re interested in joining team MBL, please let me know!







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