This Week in #ShareTheGrind

We’ve been remiss in sharing your posts with our hashtag, #sharethegrind– let’s remedy that right now!

Starting off we have Victoria doing tyre ruck drills at MSC Performance in Birmingham.


Next, a submission from the U.S.– Tiffany shared several videos and snaps over the last few days, but we thought these front squats were worthy of mention:

Get it, young iron maiden.

A trackside shot from Jo, who so generously wrote us a great post about roller derby yesterday:


From the California State University at Fullerton weightlifting club, Ms. Alana Hodges shares these fabulous snatch balances:


Meanwhile, all the way over in Dubai at Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark, Fern Carver is still killing it CrossFit-style. Expect to see a post from her about how fitness is her passport in the coming weeks!


Mickey makes room for chocolate on Easter Sunday by moving these pesky stones about:

Mena Wilson, one of our favourite strongwomen, tested her deadlifts and squats recently:

Our favourite Zumba instructor Yasmin, who’s competing tomorrow, keeps grinding away in spite of a persistent bug:

Jodey Hughes, -58kg Scottish champion and all-around sweetheart, shares this picture of her elation after making a big lift at the Scottish Open:


Lauren and Sarah got dancey on the way to a lifting session to which I was not invited and I am NOT BITTER AT ALL:

Finally, a shot from my bedroom, where we had a MiniBIGLifts sleepover on Easter Sunday:

We’re back, y’all. If you’re feeling inspired, you can share it– and maybe help inspire someone else– by tagging your training videos with #sharethegrind on Instagram or Twitter. We are @minibiglifts on both networks, and you can join our 300+ (and climbing) followers on Facebook, too. Get it done!


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