Best Five of the Week -28 March – 3 April


Sunday afternoons are for:

  • Post-pub lunch carb comas
  • Finally paying the laundry pile some attention
  • A second walk with the dog/ the other half
  • Catching up on reading your favourite blogs

We can help you with that last one. Here are our five most popular posts of the week:

Metanoia Will Destroy Ya : In which I opened up about my divorce and how my gym has been my anchor throughout it.

This image was the highlight of the post

Jamming in the Gym – How Weight Training and Roller Derby Go Together: Jo “Dr Knock” Long explains the hard-hitting sport of roller derby– the second coolest thing you can do on roller skates– and how she’s become a better player through supplemental weightlifting.


And yes, I did say “second coolest”. You may be cool, but you’ll never be Gene Kelly-tap-dancing-on-roller-skates cool. #comeatmebro:


Your Gym Bag is not a Handbag or a Man BagMiniBIG shares her weightlifting gym kit essentials, including pink chalk, thumb sleeves, protein cheese, and– wait, I’ve got this all wrong. Go read it and see.

pee wee
Gonna need more tape

What to Expect at a Weightlifting Weigh-In: Love getting up on a scale in front of strangers? Me too! Actually, the weigh-in process isn’t really all that traumatic. Here is how it works and what to expect on the day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 19.20.17

First Weightlifting Competition? Don’t Panic: Finally, our timely guide to settling your nerves and managing your expectations ahead of your first weightlifting competition. Includes an overview of how such an event is run along with basic technical rules for attire, executing the lifts, etc.

Why is it timely? Because our dear Loz competed for the first time yesterday. It went pretty, pretty well:



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