Epic Women: Woman Crush Wednesday Special

So for this Woman Crush Wednesday MiniBIGLifts have put together an epic spread of women who have achieved great things. I’ve scoured the archives to find women who have achieved beyond what society said they could, who have broken records, or who  are just flippin’ awesome. I’ve had so much fun doing it! I also found some interestingly original women. We want to blow the horn for women and get some epic stuff on the internet that people can aspire to or have as influence.

Chrissie Wellington OBE

Having decided that working for global charities sipping champagne wasn’t her thing or in fact where she really could make an impact, Chrissie became four times Ironman World Champion instead. Her story involves tears in her goggles swimming, black treacle urine after races and running a marathon (after the bike and swim event) through what only can be described as a hot oven.

She has the will to just keep going and telling the mind to go fuck itself, grinding and closed that gap on women and male record times for Ironman unlike any other sport before. It has been questioned whether females are better endurance athletes. We think so!


Chrissie winning 2008 Ironman World Championships. Finally she can have a pizza!

Rosie Swale-Pope MBE

Having experienced the death of her husband sadly to cancer Rosie decided to go for a run. When say ‘run’ we mean ‘a run around the world.’ No man or women had achieved this until Rosie from Wales did it. She set off with her trolley/sledge, fought off bears, was welcomed with open arms around the world and braved the chilling bite of the winter across Serbia. I did want Rosie to write for MiniBIGLifts, but she’s currently busy running across America for charity. Of course she is!

I think right now she’s in Las Vegas dancing on tables. As you do in your retirement!

Rosie copy 2

Rosie living in her trolley in Serbia and a chapter from her book: “Just a Little Run Around the World”

Lynne Cox

The first woman to become the overall record holder for the fastest swim time across the English Channel. There was a guy who did beat her once, but she went back the following summer and broke the record again. Name me a person who has re-broken a record.

She also swam for a mile off the coast of Antarctica.  The temperature is ZERO degrees. Scientists are scratching their heads as to how she survived that swim. Probably a mermaid. And probably why she’s Rose’s former woman crush.


Look at me! I’m Lynne Cox! Im a Mermaid!

Wonder Woman

Okay, she may be a fictional comic character, but there is an element of truth behind the origins of Wonder Woman. In the comics, Wonder Woman is a member of the Amazon tribe– a tribe of fierce warriors made only of women. Long believed to be a myth, archaeology has proved that the Amazons really did exist.

The stories about them are what endure, though, and they are pretty wild: no men were allowed in their tribe. They were the hunters. They decided breasts just didn’t work for hunting, so they removed one to aim properly with their arrows and spears. They captured men and did the deed with them for babies.

Poor men.

They also favoured the birth of girls, unlucky if you were a boy. They loved each other so much they were lesbians too. If you want any more interesting information on the Amazonian tribe speak to my mother: The encyclocpdeia of information you didn’t know about the world and really do worry as to how she even knew that, let alone in such detail.

So we want to know from reading this blog what epic woman inspires you? If you think there is an epic woman we must share let us know in the comments!





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