European Weightlifting Championships – Forde 2016

Get ready for a ton of links: Team GB are setting off to Forde, Norway for the European Championships starting tomorrow. We wanted to provide you all with what you need to know to follow the event.

The Team and Start List

Men Women
Jack Oliver Zoe Smith
Sonny Webster Rebekah Tiler
Gareth Evans Sarah Davies
Owen Boxall Emily Godley
Chris Freebury Mercy Brown
Sam Henderson Hannah Powell
Darius Jorkazadeh Noorin Gulam

Competition starts on Sunday the 10th. The program can be found here!

I knew @klokovd was a barbie basic biach 🔴🔴🔴

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Media Coverage

Under The Bar will be covering the events with their fantastic photography.

Use the hashtags on their Instagram, twitter, and YouTube below to keep in touch while they are out in Norway.



The guys in Forde have set up an Instagram page to cover the event too!

Live coverage will be provided by All Things Gym.

Here’s a picture of Zoe Smith and Jack Oliver lifting naked. We are sorry to say that this doesn’t happen in competition:

zoe and jack
Photo by Marc Aspland for The Times

It’s 2016– Isn’t It a Kinda Important Year?!

Yes! There’s an Olympic slot up for grabs. Under The Bar explains it nicely below:

***OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION FOR TEAM GB AND IRELAND EXPLAINED*** Neither Great Britain or Ireland qualified any lifters for the 2016 Olympics through the 2014/15 World Championships. This means both the men's and women's teams for both countries must try to achieve slots at the European Champs starting on Sunday. This will be their only opportunity to qualify for the games. In order to qualify the maximum available of one slot at the Olympics, the teams (men's and women's teams score separately) must finish inside the top 7 (top 6 for women) overall, not counting those nations who have already qualified. For example say the table finishes: 1. Russia 2. France 3. Great Britain 4. Turkey 5. Estonia Great Britain, Turkey and Estonia for the purposes of Olympic qualification will finish 1,2 and 3 because Russia and France have already qualified. They will be rewarded with 1 Olympic slot each. The nations GB and Ireland are competing with on the men's side are: Turkey, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland and Norway. The nations GB and Ireland are competing with on the women's side are: France, Italy, Spain, Azerbaijan, Poland, Germany, Moldova, Norway, Latvia, Sweden, Albania, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, Cyprus and Belgium. Any questions feel free to ask and please share so others can understand exactly what we are fighting for over in Norway. #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #training #underthebar #europeanchamps2016

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As you can see, me and my friends are trying to work out how to get that strong and go to Europeans next year:

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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Meanwhile, best of luck to Team GB!


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