This Week in #ShareTheGrind

Athletes and strong types have been sharing the grind this week, from roller derby ladies deadlifting to our pal Peach working on her latest pole routine. We’ve also got a gallery of lifting faces from Yas and a passel of university weightlifters competing at the British Student Weightlifting Championships– including our Sarah, who won her division.

First, Peach Lee Ray is working on her knee kips:


Tiffany is checking on some of the side effects of her hard work:

Emily hit a new snatch PB and shared it with us. Great job!

Chloe shared this side-by-side view of her progress since last year:

Zoe “Shovelhands” Horseman shows us this great 17kg competition PB. #thesehandscan, indeed:

Ghouldielocks shares her 120kg deadlift– a new PB as she gets set to train in America with the Central City Roller Girls:

Jack also hit a PB snatch:

#snatch 115kg today πŸ™‚ #bigfriday #sharethegrind bw86.

A post shared by Jack Griffiths (@jackplg) on

Sarah attempted a new PR snatch in competitionΒ last week. She didn’t quite make it. Next time:

Yasmin’s face is so expressive.#sharethegurn:

Finally, we have Becky, who is a powerlifter. Just… read her caption:

Thank you so much for all your submissions this week! Keep them coming!


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