Pussies, Dicks, Guns and Tattoos (And Clickbait)

Team MiniBIGLifts have decided to share the markings of their souls formed by driving needles under the skin to form patterns: our tattoos.

Some people love them and some people hate them. We thought we would get ours out and show you what significance they have to us and just basically how cool and badass we actually are (which is usually only on PB days,let’s not lie).


Sarah has a bunch of prison tats: tiny random markings dotted over her that make you wonder if she’s in some kind of gang. But they all have significance to her.


The daisy is based on a drawing Sarah’s sister made for her when they were twelve. The semi-colon isn’t just the most misunderstood type of punctuation; it’s now a symbol of support for mental health awareness, particularly for those struggling with depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

On her ankles, Sarah has the equal sign, an international symbol for equality, and a delta, which symbolises change in scientific and mathematical equations.

She also has one big back piece: a mandala based around the lotus flower. In many traditions the lotus flower has associations with rebirth and purity. It grows in swampy, muddy places but is always beautiful and pristine. For her it represents being reborn from muck and mire to become a blooming weightlifting beauty.



Rose has three tattoos. The infinity symbol on her right shoulder comes from imagery on the Strength tarot card. This card usually stands for self-mastery, compassion, and applied focus rather than brute force. In some decks it’s called Lust (or even “The Daughter of the Flaming Sword”, which is so metal) and symbolises passion and joi de vivre. Her mom has an identical tattoo on her left shoulder, so Rose’s mom is pretty cool.

On her back there’s a pure white patch of skin and when she was 18 she designed her first tattoo to go around it.

The eight-point star motif on her left foot is also self-designed and comes from the series of books she’s writing. In the books it’s a magical seal that confers protection and invulnerability on objects and people. Her brother, sisters, and a very close friend all put this tattoo on one of their feet as a symbol of love and connection to Rose when she moved away from America.



Last we have me. The Arabic on my arm says “The Bear’s Daughter” and is in honour of my Dad. It’s in Arabic because I spent time in Dubai with my Dad and have happy memories of being with him there. Dad was called “the bear”, “daddy bear”, or “big bear”. I received many bear hugs, and he still managed me to lift me off the floor when I was 20. That would be questionable today as I’m 10kg heavier now. The Bear’s Daughter felt like an accurate representation of my Dad and me.

Going with the bear theme, I had a bear paw put on my chest because it’s sexy. Originally I wanted it on my breast but then realised that pregnancy might make that look stretched shall we say. I decided to go with an Indian theme as rumour has it that’s my descent. LOL! I had a heart chakra symbol at the top of the paw to represent my episode of supraventricular tachycardia.

Then I expanded all the tattoos to make a big piece. I wanted to go all out! I had the roses drawn half-bloomed because I’m not fully bloomed myself yet.

Now your turn. We know you have ink! Tell us about your tattoos and why you have them.










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