Making the British Weightlifting Performance Squad

So, I’ve had quite a spring. In April I competed twice in two weeks: at a Central Open at MSC Performance, and then at the Cybex British University & College Championships. I won both, and hit totals of 175 and 173 respectively. Those numbers made me (and Dave) incredibly happy. The 175 total was meant to be my goal for this year’s British Championships!

Great weekend at British Student Champs!

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But those two numbers had another effect. It turns out people have been watching me. This isn’t a paranoia thing. About three weeks ago, after I’d won the students, I got an e-mail from Dan Wagner, the Talent Pathway Manager at British Weightlifting. He invited me to come and do what I thought was an assessment day at Loughborough Powerbase, which is the home of the British Weightlifting team.

However, I was wrong: it wasn’t an assessment. I was given a tour of the facilities and invited to join the GB training squad.

I’ll just pause here to let that sink in for you. I’m still waiting for it to sink in for me.

I’m now a member of the British Weightlifting Performance squad. It feels insanely weird to read that back to myself. Weirder still, I was invited straight away to attend a training camp at the end of April and then to showcase what British Weightlifting is at this year’s BodyPower Expo, which just happened over the weekend at the NEC here in Birmingham.


I  learned so much at the camp and really enjoyed meeting the other members of the squad, including Zoe Smith, Rebekah Tiler, Emily Godley, Sarah Davies, and more. And I had a complete and total blast at BodyPower. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or my personal SnapChat, you’ll have seen some of the fun stuff we got up to. I got show off the Unnecessary Bar Slam in front of crowds and the guys on the MuscleFood stand threw a pizza at my head. Quality weekend.

To say that I am amazed by this is a massive understatement. I’m still in shock, to be honest. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I am so grateful it has come my way. Making the squad was something both Dave and I knew would be possible someday, but to have it happen now is just incredible.

I mean, I can still remember attending BodyPower last year and being in awe of the lifters on the British Weightlifting stand– I especially remember fangirling so hard over Zoe Smith.


This is the first step of a new phase in my journey as an athlete. The work I’ve put in to get here, the complete faith and trust in my coach– they are the foundation for what’s to come. Me and Dave have some big plans in the coming months and years, and I’m ready to put in even more work to make them happen. Thanks to everyone for your support– in the past, present, and future.


Follow your dreams!



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