#MondayMotivation: #sharethegrind and Jump Into the Fire

Good Monday morning! We thought we’d start putting our #sharethegrind roundups where you need them most– at the beginning of the work week. We’re also putting our power song here, too. This week is a stomper of a cover from LCD Soundsystem:


We hope seeing what our readers are up to in their fitness lives will help you take heart. Or heart-shaped bruises, if you’re Peach Lee Ray:

We see an increasing number of humans with mismatched chromosomes tagging their posts, and we love it. Take this entry from Jack, for instance:

Good training! 160kg clean for a big PB 🙂 bw 85 #weightlifting #sharethegrind #gainz #onlymaximum

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Speaking of mismatched chromosomes, Dave is busy gathering an army of tin-slinging fembots  (he has also shaved off his beard, which makes him look like a baby with evil on its mind). Charlee is one of us:


Surprise PBs are best PBs, it is known. Richard shares this strict press triple:


We do not know what makes us happiest about this entry from a new correspondent in California. The photography? The excellent commentary about the jerk? Or the fact that she is lifting in her lounge? Please share again soon!

A new #sharethegrind #Repost @sistersunderbarbells with @repostapp ・・・ #splitjerks with a nice silhouette. There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are good at the jerk, and those who are not. For the latter group, there are so many things that can go wrong or be misunderstood that it can be very daunting to correct the movement. One of the big problems is moving into the split posiiton properly. First, it's important to understand that the dip and drive of the jerk, whether split, power or squat, is vertical. In fact, the bar actually needs to move backward slightly as it moves into the final overhead position. Often when doing the split jerk, athletes will drive forward and dive toward the front foot. You have to be patient: finish your vertical drive and only then begin to split. When moving into the split position, keep the hips under the bar (this may feel like pushing the hips forward slightly) and reach the front heel forward. Don't reach with your chest. Leading with the chest will pull the hips out from under the bar, cause the back foot to over-reach, and the front foot to reconnect too soon and too close. The effect is a bar forward of a base that isn't balanced, even if the bar actually moved straight up. Let the chest move forward the slight amount it needs to in order to achieve the proper overhead position naturally by focusing on moving the bar back over the base of the neck and locking the shoulder blades back together. Keep the back foot close to the floor and pick up the front foot enough to get it out far enough and landing flat. Your weight should be balanced about evenly between your front and back feet and the hips right under the bar. #oly #sharethegrind #olympicweightlifting #olympiclifting #cleanandjerk #smiles #paradise

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Here is Sam, a Second City CrossFit coach, working on his squat:


More from the Golden State with this entry from Alana:

Halting snatch DL + snatch #weightlifting #csufweightlifting #snatch #deadlift #sharethegrind #girlswhoweightlift

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Here is stalwart #sharethegrind-er Tiffany taking what her coach dishes out and making a meal of it:


Bryony returns to competition, comes home with swag:

The lovely @bryonyjessica getting back on the competition band wagon. And totally smashing it. After a little chat with @_minibig_ the flame is shining bright. ONWARDS! #Repost @bryonyjessica with @repostapp ・・・ So this happened! 🏆🙊. Can't say it was the smoothest comp I've ever done 😂(sorry @strengthcoachsm 🙉) but I've only been back training a month so I can't complain! Here's to staying positive, getting stronger and making key technical improvements! 🙌💪👌… .. . #saturday #weightlifting #comp #second #gotalittletrophy #notthebestday #learningcurve #gettingbackinthegame #thankyou #fit #fitness #fitfam #girlswholift #sharethegrind #snatch #cleanandjerk Also massive thank you to @trebor125 @emelyewoo for the suprise support!! 😊😙

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Finally, a news flash: Sarah is short.

We want MOAR! Post your Instagram pictures or videos with #sharethegrind and we will re-share them. You can also post videos straight to our Facebook wall for all to see. Have a great Monday!


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