British Championship Prep – A Week with MiniBIG

So I’m a week into my British Championship prep. How am I feeling? All in all, pretty good! I feel strong despite being a little battered. I was hoping to keep everyone a little more up to date with the progress week-by-week, but at this moment in time I think I’ll only do one other post before the champs after this one.

Why? Well, I was coming out of the fourth session of the week, feeling like I’d been hit by a bus, when I realised: I’m putting so much concentration and devotion in to getting my work done that I don’t have a lot of time to talk about it. Right now I have to balance work and home life with an intense focus on getting my weight where it needs to be and getting my training sessions done to the high standards Dave and I have set.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 19.25.49
Then he put both feet on.

But it’s a rest day, so I have time to outline a week for you in my run-up to the champs. My daily and weekly routine as it were. My life really isn’t exciting, but it gives you a glimpse of the effort that goes in to what I do.


07:45 – Wake up: Up and out of bed, get breakfast, lunch and snacks packed for the day.

08:15 – Out of the house: I have a short walk to Birmingham New Street Station to catch the train to uni.

08:22 – Train to uni: That’s if its running on time.

08:45 – Work: Science-ing and paperworking like a boss. Or a PhD student.

09:00 – Breakfast: I microwave and eat breakfast after I’ve stretched my legs during the journey.

09:15 – Back to work:  Once I’m finished eating I get onto uni work, I could be sat at a desk all day doing image analysis, or up and around the lab playing with Hulk serum and microscopes.

I’m not joking about the Hulk serum 

12:30 – Lunch: I find with my IBS I keep my eating routine literally the same everyday. The items I eat vary but the timings never change.

16:30 – Coffee and oats: My trusty pre-work out meal and energy boost. Sometimes I feel cheeky and put blueberries on my porridge.

17:15 – Training: At the moment I am mostly training at the University of Birmingham’s Munrow Sports Centre. Mainly because all my friends have exams, and to be able to train with them, it’s easier to stick to one place.

19:30 – Home time! So back home I go, usually tired and hangry by this point. I wouldn’t cross paths with me just yet.


20:00 – FOOD!  I get in, dump my bags and get in the kitchen right away. Dinner and dessert is made fresh everyday, as eating out of Tupperware for EVERY meal is demoralising and lame. Especially if you live with a partner. We plan the evening meals to fit my macros, but also to be super yummy and fun to cook together or for one another (lies: I’m a kitchen push over, go cut my veg at the end of the counter).

21:00 – Clean and next day prep:  I clean the house and prep my bags and kit for the next 10 hour day at uni.

22:00 – Prehab, rehab and rolling: I foam roll every day for an hour. This is usually the time I watch TV. I’m lucky to have a large, hard-floored kitchen.

22:45 – Blog work, uni work checks: Once athleting is out of the way, I grab my laptop, plonk my ass on the sofa, and surf the inter-webzzz for fun things to talk about on this blog, stuff to share, and of course catch up on ridiculous cat videos and build my meme empire.

23:15 – Wash, bed, book: (Finally. Wow, long day, right?) It’s shower and bed for me. This is usually the point at which I fall asleep with my phone on my face, but at the moment I’m beta-reading Rose’s novel.

Tuesday – Wednesday

Guess what? Tuesday and Wednesday is pretty much the same as Monday! What would I do without a routine? (Probably sit with a bowl of cereal in my pants with all the blinds open in my flat wondering what life is – just a snap shot of me post-British Champs).

Oh but wait! Tuesday is Game of Thrones night with Rose. We occasionally do it on Mondays, however, I’m usually rather busy. So escaping internet spoilers on Mondays, I will head over to Rose’s after training. There I get fed, watered and heartbroken by George RR Martin.

You guys I can’t even

I prioritise time with my friends every week in spite of my long days– it’s incredibly important to me.


The general day to day is kept the same, however this week I got an hour 1 to 1 with the one and only (gorilla) man in my life. I did four extra sets of snatches and bar slammed a wonderful three sets of paused back squats.

This resulted in bed time being 10:45, as you can imagine I may as well have been beaten with a lead pipe– er, I mean, the motivation stick.


WOOO! Rest day, well earned! The 9-5 remains the same as usual. This week I’m making a trip to Morrisons to meal prep for the weekend ahead. It’s Gay Pride festival in Birmingham and I ironically (or appropriately, depending on how you look at it) live smack bang in the middle of it.

To avoid stuffing my face with curly fries and Doritos, I will be shopping and meal prepping in the slot where I would usually train. So my evening will look something like this:

17:15 – Shopping and cooking: As everyone else does booze runs at Morrisons, I shall be in the meat ailes and at the fish counter. With my trusty shopping list of course.

19:30 – Home time! It likely won’t take me 2 hours to shop, but anything can happen when three girls head to a supermarket.

20:00 – FOOD!  Another bag dump and cooking session with the wife– a special treat for us on Fridays. The recipe book comes out and something complicated and yummy gets cooked!

21:00 – Clean and next day prep: Stacking red cups for beer pong, punch-making and all other party related activities this week. Usually however I would be sat on my ass on Fridays chilling out, and getting my brain ready for BIG SATURDAY! but this week I will multi task.

22:00 – Prehab, rehab and rolling: EVERY DAY. I wasn’t joking, seriously every day.

22:45 – BATH TIME! No, I’ve never used a bath bomb. I lived a sheltered bath-related childhood; my mother usually referred to me as Pig Pen. But I have to say I love a good medium to hot heat soak in a Radox bubble bath, with some kind of superhero related film, documentary or music playing. Time for reflection, recharge and soul searching. This is where my BIG SATURDAYS are made.



BIG SATURDAY. My game face is on from the moment I wake up, and more so after a wonderful cup of pressed coffee. Specific timing on Saturdays changes depending on where I plan to train.

Last week I trained at Loughborough with the French Olympic Team. Oh and Sarah Davies, Emily Godley, Lori Bavetta and Izzy Rogers… STRONG TEAM (name dropping never hurt anyone, right?). This week I will be at Second City Crossfit under the watchful eyes of the Gorilla Man again.

12:00 – Sports massage: There’s only so hard I can go when I foam roll, so during the British prep period I am having a sports massage every weekend after I max out.

13:00 Lunch: This week it’s all prepped and ready as I suspect I will return home to find some kind of rave happening in my lounge (see note about Gay Pride, above).

Days of uni make me so happy

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The rest of my Saturdays are usually left to go with the flow, see what pops up, what friends appear at my door and what’s on in Birmingham on the day.

What weekends are for. #coffee #relax #athletedayoff

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CHILL DAY. You will rarely see me out of bed before 11 a.m. or anywhere near a gym. Day trips, house chores and time with my girlfriend are had on Sundays. I will occasionally see friends, go to the park, cinema or just out searching for new coffee shops in and around Birmingham.

18:00 meal prep: The sign my weekend is well and truly over. Dinner cooking is accompanied by meal prepping. I cook three to four days’ worth of food, including snacks, and I also weigh out my pre-workout oats.

Caffinate me!

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Sometime before midnight, I’ll pass out in bed, and the whole cycle begins again. I like to think of it as ‘consistency’ rather than ‘repetitive and boring’. This is what it takes for me to do what I do. This is what the grind looks like for me. I love it.


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