This Week in Share the Grind

Don’t look now, but we’re nearly halfway through the year. Fortunately we have this bumper crop of #sharethegrind submissions to get you moving on a Monday. Before you begin, however, do you have your coffee? What about your old-school hip-hop? Here, borrow some of ours:

Now we can begin.

First, newcomer Anna shares some paused front squats with us. She’s sorry for shouting. NEVER be sorry for shouting, Anna. It adds kilos to your lifts:

(Also, if you want to know more about the whys and hows of weightlifting belts, our King Meathead has explained it pretty well here.)

Jamie, another new sharer, posted her workout from Wednesday. What’s the “babymaker”, you ask? It’s the hip abductor machine, a/k/a the “hello sailor” or the “gynaecologist trap”:

Gemma is also a new sharer. Excellent failpout, Gemma (that’s a thing):

A new gentleman caller posts this from Loughborough:

My view from training today. What were you working on this Thursday? #olympicweightlifting #fitfam #sharethegrind #earnednotgiven

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Regular correspondent Tiffany shared quite a few amazing posts last week as she prepares to return to competition. However, this was our favourite:

Continuing on the theme of booties, here is Sam. Hi, Sam:

Also at Second City CrossFit,Β Charlee (well, most of her) celebratedΒ a snatch PB:

Victoria, at MSC, turned her old 1 RM squat to an 8 RM squat:

Alana over in California works on pulling under the bar:

Now, in the guest writers’ corner, we have Fern, doing amazing things as always:

Paid @crossfitalioth a visit this morning . Always feel so welcome, this time was even better by the fact there was a massive cake that I got to eat some of after training. Thanks @_hessa.a for saving some πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ° #allthecake @competitorstraining wod again. 9min EMOM power clean 165lbs 9min EMOM power snatch 125lbs On min 25 4×20 UB DL 155lbs for time. So happy to do it UB. Think il feel my legs tomorrow . Got to try out my new @unbrokendesigns knee sleeves that I bought from the Meridian regionals #aztec #unbrokendesigns #training #lift #rogue #barbell #lifter #liftheavy #crossfit #crossfitchicks #crossfitalioth #community #reebokmena #stancemiddleeast #theuncommenthread #sharethegrind

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Dani Scott is having a tantrum. It’s not what you think it is:

Oh, and we’ve been doing stuff, too! I took pictures of my housemates:

Sarah and Lauren got together to train and record their back gainzzzz:

And finally, with six days to go before the British, Sarah has been hard at it:


You ready for Monday? It’s ready for you. Go get it,and don’t forget to #sharethegrind!


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