#Unfuckwithable – Fuck Perfect: A Lover and Fighter’s View.

We’ve met so many cool people through MiniBIGLifts. One of them is Polly Wilton. She’s a former competitive Nordic ski champion and served in the British Army as a Royal Military Police Close Protection Officer in Iraq. She’s also the creator of Lover and a Fighter gym apparel, which is ‘for the females who try and for the women who push themselves’. She’s the first in my series of talks with #unfuckwithable ladies.

Image via Womanthology

I recently had an e-mail exchange with her to see what she thought about the whole instafit phenomenon— this idea of perfectionism in training, and how and whether that influences her. Here’s what she had to say!


The whole ‘perfect’ lifestyle, perfect body, perfect ideology can get screwed up by social media. I put my hand up and will say I have been one of those people that has scrolled through Instagram/Twitter/Facebook and followed all the social media ‘celebs’ and felt bad about myself because they look amazing, because they only ever eat healthy food, because they are doing a workout that I’m not doing and because I’ll never be as good as them at anything in life!

Bloody hell, how demoralising is all that?!

Polly-Wilton-skiing-175-x-500After a few slaps around the face I soon thought fuck it. Why the fuck am I sat here wishing I was all the things I’m not? Having read an article on the negative side to the term ‘fitspo’, it all became clear. How do we know these people who are portraying perfect lives even live that way for sure 24/7? How do we know they’re not painstakingly setting up every single shot perfectly just for a post?

We get so sucked in with the visual aspects of people’s life, so much that we want to emulate that and be that. Striving to be something anything than ourselves is only going to get us down.

With social media these days it’s so for people to put such ‘perfect’ images out there and in turn just as easy to view them. It can’t be easy being young these days and having so many ‘perfect’ bodies/lifestyles thrust in your face.

Although in recent times there have been a number of such social media ‘celebs’ that have spoken out and said that it was all for ‘show’ and they struggled to keep up the ‘perfect-ism’ (okay, I don’t think that’s a word!) that they had been portraying.

See? It’s much easier to keep it real!

Thanks for sharing, Polly! You can find Lover and A Fighter apparel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as at the online store. We’ll be talking more to Polly about her life and her new business venture soon!



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