This Week in Share the Grind

You’ve been at it again! From triumphs to valiant struggles, our #sharethegrind hashtag is filling up with awesome people doing awesome stuff. You can share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram– just tag #sharethegrind or post to our Facebook timeline!

First we have Chloe, who makes several quality fails at 73kg:

Next, Jamie and friends are at work on a serious complex!

Anna fails a front squat– but only just– at 67.5 kg. Will she get it next time?

Back from her epic roller derby trip to Florida, Jo works on her cleans in a sweaty, sweaty University of Birmingham gym:

When it's already sweaty weather, you may as well make it rain, eh @drjo434? #Repost @drjo434 (via @repostapp) ・・・ It was SWEATY today so I went a bit loopy. #rollerderbybarbellclub #challenge I got 23 body weight squats (70kg, I'm currently 72 but I ain't rounding up!) In 5 minutes. #deadchuffed. Followed by a load of cleans practicing narrower grip #tryingtoimprove and getting there slowly. These are a snapshot of my first set v last I think. It's early days but I'm starting not to hate cleans so much. Looking forward to next weekend hopefully come to #britishchampionships and support @_minibig_ and other people who do this proper like with adult sized weights 😁 #gymtime #girlswithmuscle #gettingstronger #rollerderby #improving #strength #olympiclifting #cleans #squats #sharethegrind #gorillapt #minibiglifts #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #strongishappy #olympiclifting #weightlifting #motivation

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The sliding sports never rest: here’s guest writer and luge champion Dani Scott matching her outfit to her plates (and those are quite a few plates!).

You may have heard that “80 percent of life is showing up.”– here’s an example. Yasmin wasn’t feeling the workout when she started, but was soon busting out doubles at her competition max!

It's #weakweek (yes it's a thing, the days in my cycle where I just can't hit weights). During the warm up when I missed reps my brain went "you're not going to get to your working weight today, don't bother, just give up". But I pulled up my big girl pants and did my 5×2 #nofeet #snatches at 92.5% which also happens to be my #competition max. There were MANY missed and SEVERAL ugly reps but I did them all in the time allocated (2 every 3 minutes) which I didn't get to last week or the week before (making only a total of 8 reps each time). I guess the #programming works and #consistency is getting there. Thanks @thegorillapt for putting work into creating these killer #sessions. #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #fitness #emom #training #weightlifting #olympiclifting #olylifting #snatch #sharethegrind

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Tiffany (our Canadian correspondent) was meant to power this lift but decided to style it out instead. Dazzling your coach with a smile, does that work?

No, really, does it? Because I think he’s about to charge:

Fern is currently in Sri Lanka— this video is from a training session in Dubai where she crushed some 86 kg clean and jerk complexes, as you do!

Finally, Anna is back! And look, she completely crushed that 67.5kg front squat and a 70kg, too!

Narrative closure is so DELICIOUS. So are your #sharethegrind entries. Keep them coming- you are inspiring more people than you know!


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