Ditch the Label: The Body Image Revolution

In January I took part in an experiment. A body image experiment, to see what the general public really thought of my body. No faces were added, nobody knew who I was: it was just my body. This can be intimidating for most people, especially when society shapes us a certain way (not me).

Take a look

What I found was surprising. Reactions were so mixed. Athletic, curvy, healthy weight to small, petite and makes males want to protect me. I was shocked by that, I wasn’t expecting small or petite, but I suppose in a sea of bodies I can be. It made me realise what people think about your body is subjective, so should we really care? Also some people felt that body image was irrelevant, or felt they wanted to know the person.

In research a beautiful face is symmetrical, and an attractive male expresses masculine features by a square jawline. But in reality do people find symmetry attractive? I’d argue no. What a person gives off–positivity, negativity, warmth– this has an even bigger influence on determining attractiveness and long-lasting relationships than conventional good looks.

It is also funny because my body that is in the photo is not the body I have now. I’m 4kg heavier; it doesn’t account for my further training and development. People progress or regress, and bodies do too.

It was nice and a boost to have people comment positively about my body, but that’s my ego. It’s artificial. The ego doesn’t represent what we have the potential to do and achieve as humans. It’s not actually what we really need. We’d be better off chasing positive comments from what we accomplish, or what our values and beliefs are. This gives us true confidence and creates meaning in our lives.

From participating in this experiment, I have learned that I don’t actually care about people’s thoughts on my body. It’s just a body. We should all be encouraged to focus on what we do.

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