About MiniBIGLifts



MiniBIGLifts.com is the virtual meeting place for women strength athletes– professionals, competitive amateurs, and enthusiasts– to come together and share the grind. Presiding over this unique community is Sarah “MiniBIG” Glanvill, an up-and-coming Olympic weightlifter and materials science PhD student based in Birmingham, England.

As the main voice of the site, MiniBIG will share her journey as she proceeds to drop from the 58kg category to 53kg and claim her place as an elite international athlete. She will also speak her mind and invite substantial discussions about topics including:

  • Women in sport
  • How women present themselves in the online fitness community
  • British Weightlifting– the good, the bad, the exasperating
  • The day-in, day-out of training
  • Mental health and athleticism
  • Weird YouTube videos (MORK)
  • How unbelievably fucking hungry she is

MiniBIG is joined and supported in her endeavour by two co-bloggers, Lauren Evans and Rose Judson.

Lauren is a military nurse with an adventurous soul who is transitioning from powerlifting to Olympic lifting, with an eye on qualifying for the 2016 British Championships (69kg).

Currently on an intensive placement with the NHS, she’ll have a lot to say about the work/life/sport balance and the “fitspo” craze– ask her about the infamous “fanny bench” if you want to hear some top-shelf ranting.

Rose is a freelance writer/editor and mother who recently qualified for the IWF World Masters’ Weightlifting Championships. She is preparing to break the British Weightlifting Master’s record in her category (W35 75kg) in 2016. She’ll discuss the relationship between athleticism and motherhood, and share her training diary doodles. She’ll also be acting as chief editor and moderator, prowling the comments for trolls.

Hail King Gorilla, First of His Name

All three contributors share a common bond in their coach– former elite strongman Dave Whittington, the Gorilla PT. MiniBig and Lauren are direct PT clients of Dave’s. Rose is a member of Second City Barbell Club at Second City CrossFit, where Dave coaches when he’s not inventing dance routines or sampling salt and vinegar crickets.

Dave’s insightful, creative, and effective coaching has helped many people discover the joys of making themselves stronger. Expect to hear him mentioned frequently.

Other Voices (Including Yours!)

MiniBigLifts.com will also feature guest writers from other strength disciplines, such as powerlifters, strongwomen, and figure competitors.

Our mission is to offer strength athletes inspiration through community– without airbrushing, patronisation, or oiled buttocks.*

Please jump into the comments and share your experiences with us. We’re glad you’re here. Welcome!

*Unless that’s the only way you can get them into your singlet.



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