Our #FitFam

IMG_2591All three of us are very lucky to have access to excellent facilities for training and socializing. So many of the people we’ve met through our gyms are like family members– chalky-handed, frequently sweaty family members– who push us, encourage us, and make us laugh. If you’re in the Birmingham area, here are our favourite people and places:

Dave Whittington, The Gorilla PT

Wandering the West Midlands like a bushy-chinned prophet of the Gods of Strength, Dave is coach to all three MiniBIG Lifts founders. He brings passion, professionalism, and personality to his work, which is informed by his own experience as an elite strongman competitor.


He doesn’t just work with athletes and aspiring athletes, however, and he doesn’t just work one-to-one. Go to his site to see more about his training and coaching services.

Second City CrossFit

Birmingham’s first and only CrossFit box is a place where ordinary people get extraordinary results. Working from a huge facility in Selly Oak, the team of coaches at SCCF offer quality training focused on building up a base of fitness that will last you a lifetime.

Also, there’s a puppy:


Rigs Fitness

Located in Moseley, Rigs Fitness is a National Fitness Award Winning-facility that offers serious training for all kinds of strength athletes, boxers, sprinters, and strong(wo)men. It has just re-opened its doors this January following a complete refurbishment.

MSC Performance

Home to Birmingham Barbell Club, MSC Performance is a functional fitness and strength training-focused gym in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen and strongwomen– anyone who wants to be more than average is welcome at MSC.

The Archon Project

Developed in partnership with British Weightlifting and Reebok, the Archon Project offers tools for coaches who want to assess their own performance, improve their methods, and help develop better athletes.