The Manifesto


At MiniBIGLifts, we believe:

  • You don’t need an extraordinary reason to want to become stronger
  • The daily grind– unglamorous, un-Instagrammed, with mixed results and occasional tedium– is its own reward
  • The process of becoming stronger can change your life
  • The process of becoming stronger can help you change the lives of others
  • The process of becoming stronger can save your life

We want our site to:

  • Encourage more women to pursue strength training
  • Empower women and young girls to believe that they are capable of lifting weights from floor to head in a straight line.
  • Share our experiences and discuss issues around strength training as a community.
  • Create a space to share insights into the world of women’s strength training.
  • Build a community that is performance-led rather than body image-focused.

Just lift. #sharethegrind